18 dec. 2015

Vacación de misión, part 1

3rd / Army

Look at this! Back in the archives from 2008-2009 there are some Restposters from a spot-search in California. It even had some notes attached. First out, San Francisco.

Exploring urban areas of the USA by foot, board and public transportation, is hard work in its own right. Then, skating those spots when you find them, is sometimes too much to handle. Tourist!
To accept this, and still try to make the most of the circumstances, is at the heart of kung-fu skateboarding. Mastery of this attitude is very hard to achieve. So, here come the excuses for a dissapointing China Banks session: Cold morning, stomach full of Chineese food, old hardened wheels, those bricks rougher than they look. That and the less than 5 minutes to ride, before a guard appeared from the Illuminati tower at the end of the bridge. Bust!

After this sour start, it was time for revenge. And as every ninja knows, fulfillment sprouts from the soil of planning and strategy. That and 4 a.m. apple pie with coffee and a new set of 99A urethanes.

The one and only non-stop skateboarding day in San Franciso started at the Dish, out on Hunter's Point. Up there, you're on top of the world. And, as it were, free to gaze both back down at the city and back through the vertigous paths of skateboard history. Lately, it seems the place had a "face-lift", though. Why ruin classic skate grounds, to build new skate parks? It happens in many places. Is Restposter turning into a medium for archeological documentation? Appearantly.

Good thing about starting up high in the morning, is the downhill you get post-first-session. That ride was way too good to be spoiled by some camera. Next stop: 3rd and Army.

3rd / Army

San Bruno barriers, was it? 15th / Interstate 80...

Climbing fences makes for a better session. Trouble here was that a fellow human was still sleeping on top the fundament of a freeway overpass pillar, just by the run-up. Trying to make as little noise as possible, the fresh urethane helped - at least these boardslides didn't drive Sandman away.

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