4 maj 2014

alive and aware

Text-files pile up along the walls in an uninhabitable room of ideas afloat.
Joining Kos in his true element for a day of skating, some fragments wash ashore. Copy+pastes from Twitter feed (all props to originators):
* I am capitalism and I have no substance, no morality, I simply generate and regenerate the false dream of prosperity, the myth of success.
* I am capitalism and in my society anyone who is content with being alive and aware is considered an unambitous loser.
* I am capitalism and in my society, creative people who like to express themselves in non-economically productive terms are labeled lazy.

* I am capitalism and I give you night clubs, I give you bars, I give you alcoholic dreams, I give you media generated false realities.
* Speculators: those who speculate on our lives as if it's a game, then when they fuck up, our governments rush in to bail them out.
* I am capitalism and you must revolt against me otherwise I will penetrate every aspect of your being.

* I am capitalism and I have you all locked up in prisons of personal comforts.

Foto: Kos

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