27 jan. 2013

Back to the wall in Las Palmas

Slappy at The Swede curb, some years ago.
La Isleta, Las Palmas.
Last time in Las Palmas with Restposter, was a one-day street thing. Now we return, for 7 days of spot-searching, up and down the hills and coasts of L.P. with surroundings.

Las Rehoyas. Unknown k-grinder.

 This time of year (November-December), weather fronts from the Atlantic gather around the volcano and north part of the island. It is low season for tourism. The locals crowd to the surf swells that come in from the northern Atlantic. Spots and skateparks lay deserted on most days.

  Out of town:
The worst cracks and holes
of Maspalomas skatepark
have been fixed recently.
But worry not - 
it's still rough enough.

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