23 dec. 2012


South-east from the Teide vulcano, on the higher plane-lands, is where Almodovar has set up for an Alice in Wonderland film. Or what is going on i Vecindario?

From the the motorway it's easy to miss this strip of flip. The name easily slips away, from memory, maps and tourist guides.This is not a place you're supposed to go. It is between the airport and tourist resorts, yet far away from both. The Motorway cuts it off from the ocean and this far south the mountains above are dryer than around Telde or Las Palmas, further north.

To get to Vecindario, talk to the guagua-drivers, they know it. This is where people live and mad artists thrive. Get off in the centre, go up-hill and you will come to a wide boulevard, along the hillside. Follow it south on superb bike-lanes, 'till you spot the elbow of El Grand Nadador (swimmer). By now, you are already deep down the rabbit hole. Have a look around!
Skateboard, the magic carpet! Ever since I started riding one, I have ended up in the most amazing places, one after the other. Maybe it works the same with other things. I wouldn't know.

Riding up through Vecindario, from the main street bus-station, ordinary houses give way to empty waste-land and wide empty streets. Further south is the sports area and swimming stadium.
Coming around the corner from the enormous swimming man statue, at first it doesn't register that the curb is half a meter high. Picture a giant, 5 meter tall, doing a slappy on that thing

Further up the mountain, behind the Alien Stadium, stands what must be one of the weirdest skateparks on planet Earth. In a satellite photo, the Vecindario skatepark looks like a UFO crash-site (see for yourself; map co-ordinates "27.844685,-15.453931").

Gary going high in the "mini U"
In reality, this is a skateboarding-mountain, with several different slopes but no lifts. At the bottom of a ski resort, where the crowd and press photographers flock for competitions, there is usually a bit of flat for the racers to come to a stop. Not so at Skatepark de Vecindario. You go from full speed big-jump landing, into curb and dried-out plantations. But there are also real gems hidden, up the slopes and around the bottom of the hill.

Among the local kids there were two skaters who went from shakey backside kick-turns to carves and grinds in no time. Thanx for the session!

Gary y Nevi, Digame aqui abajo, en los commentarios, si pasa algo de "skate" en Vecindario, o si puedo ayudarte con algo de monopatin!
Nevi is up there. Truck!

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