23 dec. 2012


South-east from the Teide vulcano, on the higher plane-lands, is where Almodovar has set up for an Alice in Wonderland film. Or what is going on i Vecindario?

From the the motorway it's easy to miss this strip of flip. The name easily slips away, from memory, maps and tourist guides.This is not a place you're supposed to go. It is between the airport and tourist resorts, yet far away from both. The Motorway cuts it off from the ocean and this far south the mountains above are dryer than around Telde or Las Palmas, further north.

To get to Vecindario, talk to the guagua-drivers, they know it. This is where people live and mad artists thrive. Get off in the centre, go up-hill and you will come to a wide boulevard, along the hillside. Follow it south on superb bike-lanes, 'till you spot the elbow of El Grand Nadador (swimmer). By now, you are already deep down the rabbit hole. Have a look around!
Skateboard, the magic carpet! Ever since I started riding one, I have ended up in the most amazing places, one after the other. Maybe it works the same with other things. I wouldn't know.

Riding up through Vecindario, from the main street bus-station, ordinary houses give way to empty waste-land and wide empty streets. Further south is the sports area and swimming stadium.
Coming around the corner from the enormous swimming man statue, at first it doesn't register that the curb is half a meter high. Picture a giant, 5 meter tall, doing a slappy on that thing

Further up the mountain, behind the Alien Stadium, stands what must be one of the weirdest skateparks on planet Earth. In a satellite photo, the Vecindario skatepark looks like a UFO crash-site (see for yourself; map co-ordinates "27.844685,-15.453931").

Gary going high in the "mini U"
In reality, this is a skateboarding-mountain, with several different slopes but no lifts. At the bottom of a ski resort, where the crowd and press photographers flock for competitions, there is usually a bit of flat for the racers to come to a stop. Not so at Skatepark de Vecindario. You go from full speed big-jump landing, into curb and dried-out plantations. But there are also real gems hidden, up the slopes and around the bottom of the hill.

Among the local kids there were two skaters who went from shakey backside kick-turns to carves and grinds in no time. Thanx for the session!

Gary y Nevi, Digame aqui abajo, en los commentarios, si pasa algo de "skate" en Vecindario, o si puedo ayudarte con algo de monopatin!
Nevi is up there. Truck!

15 dec. 2012

El Cotillo, classic landing site for pirates
Damn ye, you are a sneaking puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by laws which rich men have made for their own security, for the cowardly whelps have not the courage otherwise to defend what they get by their knavery . . . Damn them for a pack of crafty rascals, and you, who serve them, for a parcel of hen-hearted numskulls. They vilify us, the scoundrels do, when there is only this difference; they rob the poor under the cover of law, forsooth, and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage. Had you not better make one of us than sneak after the arseholes of such villains for employment?
/Captain Bellamy (1717), in response to a merchant captain who declined joining Bellamy's crew of pirates (from "If a pirate I must be...", by Richard Sanders)

In civilised society there are roads for bikes, with street bumps for occasional skateboarding breaks.
Goat skull, El Cotillo
Fuerteventura has always been a poor place. The dark vulcanic land lacks all vegetation above the height of ones knees, it rarely rains, eastern winds carry sand over from Sahara when there is not a steady wind laying on from north or west (fuerte ventura = strong wind). Many struggling farmers and fishermen have left for South America in the last century and today there are more goats than human residents on the island.
La Oliva "bowl"
According to legend, the La Oliva reservoir is actually constructed for skateboarding
La Oliva
 "The Latin of the Mass was a language that threw you out of the field of domesticity. The altar was turned so that the priest's back was to you, and with him you addressed yourself outward. Now they've turned the altar around -- it looks like Julia Child giving a demonstration -- all homey and cozy. [...] They've forgotten that the function of ritual is to pitch you out, not to wrap you back in where you have been all the time." 
(from Joseph Campbell, 
The Power of Myth)
Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand
With a one-way ticket to the land of truth
And my suitcase in my hand
(Neil Young, Thrasher)
The South - miles of wide sideways for bikes. And flat ditches...

... with the occasional banked hip-snake. This is rough and skateable, 90-95A UDR (urethane durometer rating).

La Lajita, ollie + ollie
Morro Jable, backside ditch (regular)
Key words: skateboard skateboarding monopatin mono patin 
Canary Islands Islas Canarias Fuerteventura 

10 nov. 2012


Pyssling & Mattias
Hullet DK

 Varför tror vi alltid att det är något som inte står rätt till med Danmark? >>

Laila, Faelled

21 okt. 2012

Värmebölja i slutet av oktober. Rött damm från Sahara kan komma ner som blodregn. Alla märkliga väderfenomen i vårt uppfuckade ekosystem är inte av ondo. Inte på kort sikt. Som i en bisarr dröm är det plötsligt sommar; linjär tid knögglas ihop och vi skejtar svettiga genom köpenhamn igen.
Bonelös, filmed by Kos;                    Kos, övertvekad tailslide.

Locket på. Kos fs piv.
Kos, Brian & Joppe; trängsel i skuggteatern.

Kos, the middle of the pack. // Brian, stilla bs pop >>

Tack DK & dagens crew för indiansommarbonusen!

Åter himma i Malmö är kylan tillbaka och slutet nära.

Kos >>
Uppå knaggelväggen. Foto: Kos.

Over and out, Malmö 2012.

1 aug. 2012


Tillbaka till rötterna. Tänk på bakfoten!  Foto: Lis
You die to your current life in order to come to another of some kind   /Joseph Campbell 

Just som livet hade börjat rulla på, efter en lång vinter i Nifelheim, kom Papa Ghede och knackade på dörren. Ett dödsfall i familjen sätter livet på paus för oss, för kvarlevorna. Efter det får allting ett före och ett efter, varje gest och rörelse en ny skugga. Det känns i magen och i bröstet, när du gör din första rock'n'roll efteråt. Det är den första du gör. Efteråt. Så du gör en till och en till. För att vänja dig, koppla samman, slå en bro mellan då och nu och ett sedan som du vet - nu är du akut medveten om det - kommer ta slut.

Men så kommer det tillbaka, flyter sakta upp till ytan i minnets sumpmarker: Det var så här det var! It's just a ride. Just nu är just detta allt - och samtidigt en fis i rymden. Om jag slammar kommer fåglarna fortsätta sjunga i träden omkring mig. Det verkar som att stunden närmar sig, för en ny set-up, nya sessions och nya äventyr...

16 maj 2012

Laholm 9-9

Upptinade och återuppståndna. Nu börjar't igen.
Dagens gästredaktör, här bredvid i soffan: Kos. Synd på missad trip, men Kos låter hälsa att han nu skejtat alla ställena efter att vi kollat igenom fotoskörden och valt ut några extra episka nummer. P2:s Jazzarkivet snurrar hela skivan "Yes, Nu Ska Vi Ud I Bilen Og Vi Bestemmer Slev Hvad Vi Må", av och med Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Medan nyckeln till en väloljad skatedag (som vanligt) var att ta buss & tåg, som vettigt funtat folk, och titta noga i sprickor och skrymslen på vägen. Inga konstigheter. Tack!
<< Sulan till fakie, Laholm

 Hej          . . .         då!

          Rekarturen ett par veckor tidigare. 
Starkare högtryck, klenare skatetryck.

Laila till nya nivåer
 << Lokale Ted fläskar upp en Benny H och stokar ur på första sommarn med ny skatepark.


Laholm, kanske världens renaste skateboardstad.

> <
Det våras på dynghögen och snart är sommarn bannemej här

2 jan. 2012

Joppe dödar gastar

Text. Bild. En och annan doft. Inget trams. Inga rörliga bilder med ljud. 
Men här krävs ett undantag, för Joppe The Skater. Bara för dig.

1 jan. 2012


SANTA CRUZ de Tenerife

Little speck of shit on a big wall

Less than two hours off the flight, already riding the walls of a Trekkie mothership.Will this actually get better somehow?

Santa Cruz with its shitty skate park. That's not my opinion - it's what the locals call it: Shitty Park.



The north of the island face the open sea with steep rocks of volcanic crust, hardened by wind and ocean. Straight out, across the Atlantic, is the southern tip of Greenland. But the climate down here is regulated by the subtropical arm of the Gulf Stream, that carries tempered water over from Florida and the Carribean sea, with a current that turns south along the African coast, heading back across the Atlantic to Latin America.  Punta Hidalgo is all the way out there, at the end of the old world. This is what planet Earth will be like after the human ape has killed itself and things get back to normal.


Fs floater - the sweetest move 
I've never done on a surf board

On the third day, I rested. There were neither day nor night, only rain. Walking through cloudy streets of mountain-side La Orotava. Accept and commit! Up here, life is directed by Atlantic weather systems gathering around the Teide volcano. And by the hand of God. 
Distance must be measured in three dimensions up here; what appears to be a short walk, looking on a map, may be a gruelling climb or descent. The second day on these slopes, you already think and behave like an alpine goat. The streets either follow the hillside between narrow rows of 2-3 floor buildings or fall down through these rows, toward the ocean. Down there, on the other side of the north coast highway, is the second largest town on the island, Puerto (de la) Cruz.
Tanya, a frequent visitor of the Hostel Tenerife, explained the upper part of La Orotava thus: This is where bus-loads of tourists come in the day, and we're the only ones left at night. Hikers and backpackers come by Manfreds place and enjoy the hostability. Feel at home and start everyday downhill, wherever you go!

I see many elderly women with cardigans over their shoulders, strict hair-do's and comfy shoes. And the certainly see me - then look away with expressions of fear or maybe disgust. Its hard to tell what their feelings are exactly.  This one woman keeps starring as we pass eachother on a hillside pavement and here eyes point straight at the hell-goat pentagram of my Thrasher mesh-cap. As we pass, she crosses herself and bows her head, chin to chest, mid-step up the hill I'm coming down.


Down in the gomorra of Puerto Cruz, you will find crowds of middle-aged, pale, north-european tourists. But they rarely outnumber the hordes of locals that come down from the villages and suburbs along the north coast, to sit in the bars and restaurants of this old fortress town. Atlantic swells pound these walls with the power of far away winds; it's a fishermen's fortress against the forces of the ocean.

The skaters at Plaza de Europa immedietely shout me in and start talking about this and that. From this night on, I go by the plaza almost every night, for beers, slappies and skate-spots intelligence. One draw-back with the north coast, is that you can hardly roll between spots. Large parts are just too steap or rough. Like passages with the spanish equivalent to cobble-stones; the skate-stopper ground cover, riffled for rattled bearings and complete stops.

Do yourself a favour and bring hiking-shoes!

There are scattered traces of a newly built skate park somewhere in the Puerto Cruz region:
>>Sign #01: Photograhic image of buiding site, on official Ayuntamiento web page. By-line mentions "Barrio San Antonio".
>>Sign #02: Plaza Europa skater refers to a park "nearby, superior to the one in Los Realejos".

Weird place for a skate-stopper, in the middle of Los Realejos skate yard.
But the hip in, hip out, banked corner adjacent to the bowl is cool...
Los Realejos is a village west of La Orotava, also above Puerto de la Cruz. The skate park is a fenced-in part of a sports ground; it could be a great place, but the prison-yard atmosphere and BMX/inline crowd make me want to drink bleach. Instead, I head back down into Puerto Cruz to trace the alleged new park.

>>Sign #03: Testimony from local Puerto Cruz skater that you get to said park by hopping a bus from La Orotava to Puerto Cruz (over Las Arenas), asking the driver to let you off at "Taoro". From the bus stop, take some street to the left and some to the right.

Verdict: Search party will be sent out on next rain-free day.

The bus driver seems to know about Taoro and gives me a nod in the rear-view mirror as we swivel down through banana plantations in the outskirts of Puerto Cruz. Barrio San Antonio is not the same thing as San Antonio the village, which is further up the mountain, close by La Orotava. To get to the skate park, get off the bus at Sol Parque San Antonio...
 ... walk past the UFO landing site...

... pass the haunted house ...
... turn right, through the monastery gate...

... and roll up to the cathedral doors with the three little towers on top.


This way you will enter the holy grounds by the pit of serpents.

The San Antonio park is a bizarre combination of great lay-out, serious construction and the crappiest concrete surface ever seen in a public skate park.

At long last I found a metal-fest and some fellow devil worshippers. Not many metal bands come out here to the islands, so the local scene consists of do-it-yourselfers and a few fans. No crowds, no merch, just metal! Disomnia rock hell out from under Teatro Cine Los Realejos.
The last hours of the trip at the airport, since an early morning bus is the only connection there. And yet another great session comes from waiting i transit. 

Thank you volcanic island and vulcanic people for a great week of peaceful skateboarding and good times!