13 okt. 2011


The inlet to NDSM-Werf & Noord 1
Flickering screen. The google path to skateboarding in Amsterdam gave an inspired view of the art and partying skate crowd but not much on the actual skating - were to go and how to get there. Despite page loads of blogposts, there is no reference to the whereabouts of the M&M Pool. Maybe 'cause of its obvious place outside Skatepark Amsterdam, on the Noord-side of town. A map search for "Tt. Neveritaweg 15" will have you all info needed to find your way on to the ferry headed for "NDSM-Werf". And to settle the heated conflict on some internet forums - from the ferry, do take a right and aim for the crane.

Out in the world, Malmö looks back at you; 
another Stapelbädd, complete with crane nostalgia
No one will hear you scream in agony as life poors away in the bottom this crater...
With much of the land around see level, you aim upward
Miktor & Molf pool is built by Concreatures and much in the good spirit of the place.

Amsterdam is a really big village. First thing on a visit, go to Bike City‎ on Bloemgracht 68 and hook up some wheels. On a
UDR (urethane durometer rating) scale, where Venice Beach is a 99A kind of place and Malmo has a 90A terrain, down to 78-80A at places, Amsterdam is off the scale - it simply isn't skateable. Long stretches of smooth asphalt do exist and there are plent of spots, but all streets eventually end in miles of cubble-stones and bridges over canals. Bring a strap for board on bike and get out there!  

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