18 juli 2011

International harvest

In the field of opportunity, it's plowin' time again
/Neil Young, Field of Opportunity 

Pyssling the traveller tried out the local cuisine at Enghave Plads and had a slappy for dessert

Skatewise, Kobenhavn has grown enormously this year. There is more new terrain than can be harvested in one day. And some old feeding grounds have been destroyed.

We must reject the facile solution of flooding the planet with 'desirable replicas.' It is highly doubtful if there are any desirable replicas, such creatures constituting an attempt to circumvent process and change. Even the most intelligent and genetically perfect replicas would in all probability constitute an unspeakable menace to life on this planet. /W.S. Burroughs, The Naked Lunch                             The same goes for skateboarding terrain. To live and skate in Skåne/Denmark is to dip your toes in the flood of process and change. Or, in other words: One hell of a ride!
Wet dream feeble lock-in. Foto: Kos

"The Danish Hole" is not really a hole. It's walled in and the platforms yet to be filled up. But, names aside, it's a fantastic piece of DIY sculpture. Very professional. Never have big trannies been so much fun. Why? It's tight with a minimum of flat! 

Pyssling checking levels at the six-pack deathbox. Kos floats above all that.

DEEP HOLE. Suppose there is a hole and there was something at the bottom of it. Now anyone who put his hand into the hole and didn't reach the bottom would say the hole was too deep. If a hundred or a thousand people put their hands down that hole, they'd all say the hole was too deep. No one would say that his arm was too short! We have to come back to ourselves. Don't blame the hole for being too deep.
/Ajahn Chah
A price always has to be paid, a counter-weight to balance things out. Call it dialectics, divine intervention, law of nature or justice - there is no such thing as a free lunch. In the Copenhagen-saga, concrete structures and construction knowledge has been built on the grave of much loved Faelledparken.

 Pushing grounds from when skating Faelled 
was still equivalent to cross country training.
No more ripping like this in Faelled - RIP Faelled! 
Pata chased by Teenwolf. Foto: Jon

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